Clinical Evidence

Anageline Bio

ANAGELINE® slows hair loss

Anti-hair loss effect

Phototrichogram method

16 male volunteers between 18 and 65 years of age with slight to moderate baldness. The aim of this study was to determine the action of anageline® tested at 10% in lotion on reducing the rate of excessive hair loss.

After 12 weeks of treating balding subjects with anageline®, the hair density and the anagen/telogen ratio both stabilized, showing a significant action on reducing hair loss (see figures below).

  • Statistically significant increase compared to D1


  • Capixyl TM increases anagen hair density & decreases telogen hair density
  • Capixyl TM increases both length & density of eyelashes


Effect of Kapilarine® in microcirculation of skin

Microcirculation was evaluated by measuring the cutaneous thermal conductivity (mW/cm°.C) on 5 lumbar part of the back of 10 volunteers, 60 minutes after application of Kapilarine at 5%. Measurement was done on back skin because it was easier than done directly on the scalp.

Amanduline HC Bio

Effect of Amanduline HC Bio as a spray on the surface properties

The use of AMANDULINE® HC Bio, tested in spray at 3% in comparison to the placebo, improves the surface properties of deteriorated hair:

  • volume: +12.3% (P=0.0640)
  • coating effect: +18.5% (P=0.0872)
  • brilliance: +16.3% (P=0.0963)

An improved of the coating effect is observed in 65% of the volunteers.


These studies were conducted to quantify the anti-dandruff effect of adandrine® formulated at 4% in a shampoo vs. placebo, and formulated at 4% in a lotion vs. placebo.

Adandrine® formulated in a shampoo:

2 groups of 17 healthy volunteers (mean age 36 +- 10 years and 36 +- 13 years) selected by a professional hairdresser because they had dandruff.

Study of D-Squames® using a profilometer equipped with a QUANTISQUAM 99® image analyzer

After sampling the scalp with adhesive D-Squames® before and after one month of treatment every two days, adandrine® significantly reduced the desquamation index (-30% P=0.0087) and the total surface occupied by dandruff (-21% P=0.0533).

Hairdresser evolution

In the conditions of the study and after 28 days of use every two days, a hairdresser evolution using a scaring scale showed the anti-dandruff effect of adandrine®: 27% reduction of dandruff (P=0.0672).

Subjective evolution (figure opposite)

The sensations felt when using adandrine® vs. placebo were determined using auto-evolution questionnaires returned after 28 days of use every two days.

Akosky Azuki

Akosky® Azuki improves Eyelash length & density

Improvement of Average Eyelash length

Eyelash density

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