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Our Expertise

Aniva International was established in early 2013, in the middle of the most severe financial crisis that hit Greece for a generation. Since its inception, Aniva International is among the pioneering market-maker platforms in the European Health care market that co-develops and co-promotes OTx (prescribed non-prescription products), Nutricosmetics, as well as functional cosmetics.

Aniva aims to become a significant regional player in the broader health care sector. We will be recognized as an interactive and collaborative platform with our business partners, Doctors, and the community of pharmacists at large.

Aniva brands are already distributed in more than 35+ countries through a network of affiliates partners and distributors in four major geographic areas, Europe, CIS, MENA and South East Asia.

Capitalizing on its research in natural biomolecules, Aniva back in 2014 developed and launched Anivagene, a DERMA brand dedicated to all hair, scalp and skin problems.

Anivagene is a specially designed and clinically validated range of cosmetics and Nutri-cosmetics that offer enhanced cosmetic benefits to address hair, scalp and skin disorders, as well as offering holistic approach to beauty and well-being.

Our ingredients comprise a mix of the very latest generation of ingredients and trends in the cosmetology and Nutri-science, such us functional ingredients, marine biomolecules, nutri-peptides, live bacteria cultures and postbiotics.

To provide scientific evidence for its products and to support their efficacy and safety, Aniva collaborates with a team of Research Institutes, university spin off and biotech centers AI, which perform randomized clinical trials and provide comprehensive scientific backing, sound bibliographical documentation and expert opinion.

Our success is attributed to our collaborative platform that is dedicated in providing our distributors and market-makers with the opportunity to grow through our brands and benefit from our expertise and access to worldwide network of new ideas and projects from where the products and the brands of tomorrow are being born.